The 1st project plenary meeting

3Dfed project was started in April 2021, and like every other activity, was affected by the restrictions caused by the pandemic situation. Therefore, it was not possible to hold face-to-face meetings, and all meetings and discussions were held virtually and via online platforms. Due to the recent changes in the situation, it was decided by the team to get together and hold the first face-to-face meeting, to discuss the important issues of the project and the challenges ahead. The meeting took place on August 11th, in elevait’s office in Dresden, Germany. Discussions were held on various project topics, and lasted a whole day. Representatives of all project partners participated in the event. During this meeting, important topics such as planning for the next steps regarding the future activities of the project, how to participate and support in challenging activities, possible use cases for the project’s outcomes, upcoming opportunities for publishing articles and reports, as well as the technical challenges within the project were discussed and agreed upon.

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