Showcasing Success: 3Dfed Shines at MathVerse Conference!

Exciting News: 3DFed project and latest results took center stage at the MathVerse conference, captivating a diverse audience!

The Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Serbia, and the student organization Suma organized a student conference with the full name “Math – language of nature – MathVerse“. The conference took place from October 26 to 29, 2023 on Mount Tara in Serbia. It brought together around 100 students, mainly from the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics, a dozen professors from the University of Belgrade and the University of Niš, as well as representatives and guest lecturers from major global companies such as Banca Intesa, Bosch, Finbet, Mozzart and others.

The invitation to present the current activities and achievements of our project at this conference went to Mirko Spasić, on behalf of our project partner Openlink Software. The presentation was entitled “European project: 3DFed – Dynamic Data Distribution and Federation“, the basic idea of which, in addition to presenting the project itself, was also didactic in nature, in order to familiarize students with the broader topic and area that the project deals with.

The one-hour presentation was followed by a session with interesting questions from the attendees and further discussion on the topic presented, which is expected to lead to some master theses by the students present.

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