The annual project plenary meeting brought together the three project partners for two days of collaboration. Hosted by OpenLink Software in Airport House London Croydon, the agenda featured Work Package Presentations, a Project Engine Brainstorming session, and a Use Case Brainstorming session.

Key Moments:

  • Work Package Presentations: Partners shared progress, challenges, and achievements, fostering an open dialogue.
  • 3DFed Engine Brainstorming: Partners collectively envisioned 3DFed Engine’s future, identifying potential roadblocks and strategizing solutions.
  • Use Case Brainstorming: Lively discussions explored real-world applications, deepening the understanding of the project’s impact.


  • Collaborative Progress: The Work Package Presentations highlighted the significant strides made by each partner, emphasizing the collective progress achieved over the past year.
  • Innovative Thinking: The 3Dfed Engine and Use Case Brainstorming sessions showcased the partners’ commitment to innovative thinking, fostering an environment where creativity flourished and new possibilities emerged.
  • Unified Vision: The meeting reinforced the importance of a unified vision, where partners collaboratively contribute to the project’s success, addressing challenges together and leveraging each other’s strengths.


This meeting served as a pivotal moment, reflecting on achievements and shaping the 3DFed project’s future. The collaborative energy and insights gained will propel the project forward.

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